This is Jack, Alek, and Max's video. This is a story
about 2 sons (Max and Alek) and a Dad (Jack L.)
The Dad makes the boys pay to use the phone.

This is a story with a little girl who is the
daughter (bella) and a mom (julia) and dad (lily).
The parents try to make the daught drink
her milk but she tries to refuse.

This video is made by liam (playing the son), Jack is
(playing the dad), and nicky is (playing the babysitter)
In the video the dad goes to work and the babysitter
boses the son around and the son dosent like it and
starts throwing stuff at the babysitter.

Hannah=child Nicole= dad Shayna= mom
The child gets in a fight sent to room mom dad decide punishment child gets beaten

Kate, Sara, and Gigi
This video is about a little girl(Sara) who is being
baysitting by Kate the babysitter. When the mom(Gigi)
is gone, Kate really bosses the little girl around and
makes the little girl serve her many times. The little
girl gets tired of serving Kate the babysitter.

Alyssa and Zach
This video is about a son that went out of the front yard and the mother telling him to go in to his room
and punish him and say to the son "be good and do not let anybody steal you".....